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Shells Ready for Lift and Fuse

Some of Our Shells Bursting.

Display Fireworks Shells


Big Top display fireworks shells have huge burst diameters, long burn times and vivid colors. If you view some of the smaller diameter shell videos where the ground is visible for size refence (Such as the 2 and 3 inch Red Peonies) you can really appreciate the huge burst diameters of our shells. The Chrysanthemums, Waves and especially the Brocade Crowns in the larger sizes really showcase the long burn times of our shells. As for the vivid colors they are difficult to show accurately in a fireworks video but we are sure you will be impressed when you see the real thing. As most experienced pyros know yellow is usually a weak color. The yellow in our fireworks is outstanding, both deeply colored and bright as are all of the colors in our fireworks.


Check out the videos to see our spectacular shells in action.


A note about videos of fireworks. We will update our videos with the best recording we have but they can never be a good as real fireworks live. In fireworks videos silver and white are always brighter and gold is much less bright. Colors record from best to worst in this order - red,green,purple blue,yellow and they do not record well at the head of a bright streaming tail. The real sound of fireworks can't be reproduced on any speaker. So get out there and shoot some to really experience the amazing performance of our fireworks.




6 Inch Mortar Rack.

Cases of 6 Inch Shells

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