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Display Fireworks Mines

Big Top Fireworks mine designs are unique with ball shells loaded on top of the mines. All Big Top Mines that have names that end with "Shells" have the ball shells on top. This gives a longer performance time because the extra effect of the bursting shells after the rising mine stars. Mines should be used at shoot sites where the audience can see the firing of the mines from the ground up. Mines are ideally suited to pyro musicals because the large effect of the rising mine stars is immediately visible upon firing. This allows very exact timing to music because the variable delay of a shell rising until it bursts is eliminated when a mine is fired. All Big Top Mines are equipped with a T connector Ematch receptacle.

Use the Video button above to view the spectacular Big Top Mines.

A complete listing of the Big Top mines can be found at the bottom of the Authorized Products List on the Display Fireworks page

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