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Family/Consumer Fireworks

If you're looking for fireworks for a party, or weekend at the lake, Big Top is the way to go. Just give us a price point and we will set you up a package for the exact amount you set. We also make sure to throw something free into every order. We ask a few simple questions to make sure that we know what you want. Then we put together a fireworks show for you with a wide variety of effects - from something to start the show off with to that last big one for a finale.



Big Top Fireworks sets up a trailer for Canada Day on the Garden City Square shopping center at 843 Leila Ave. between the Domo Gas and the Sunova Credit Union. for Canada Day. We can fill all of your fireworks needs! If you need fireworks at any other time of the year feel free to give us a call.  We offer free delivery in the Winnipeg and surrounding areas when our trailer is not in operation.  If you need them shipped, we can do that too.


Due to our low overhead we are able to give you more fireworks for your money. We give a substantial discount on every item. Come shop at Big Top and you will really see the difference of how much more you get.


You must be at least 18 years old to purchase Family/Consumer Fireworks








Except for sparklers never light fireworks while holding them in your hand.


When lighting sparklers hold them away from your body and pointing down.  Always have children under close adult supervision when using sparklers.


Keep fireworks out of reach of children.  Children are fascinated by fireworks but they do not have the judgment to use them safely.




Should wear eye protection


Should NOT wear synthetic clothing


Should light the fireworks and IMMEDIATELY GET AWAY.


Never place any part of your body over a firework while lighting it.


If a firework is lit and does not go off – leave it alone and do not approach it for at least half an hour.  Never attempt to re-light or fix a firework.


Always have a source of water handy in case you start a fire. Do not shoot fireworks in dry conditions near anything flammable like dry grass or trees.


Fireworks meant to be buried in the ground should be buried at least halfway.  A good way of doing this is to fill a 5 gal. Bucket half full of sand and bury the firework all the way to the bottom of the bucket. If the firework should tip over while firing the wall of the bucket will act as a barrier.


All “Cakes”( multishots) should be either pressed firmly into the sand/dirt in the 5 gal. bucket (half full of sand or dirt as above) or buried half way as per manufacturers instructions.


Fireworks with bases should be fired on a flat firm surface. Grass is not a flat firm surface. If a firework is not fired on a flat firm surface it will bounce and fall over when fired.


 Fireworks should be fired in a large open area free of overhead  obstacles and  flammables. Fireworks burn very hot and can start fires and injure people. Keep the audience back a safe distance from the firing area. Keep water handy in case of fire.  A 30 metre x 30 metre wide area is recommended by the Government of Canada for firing Roman Candles.


Never light 2 fireworks at the same time that are close together as one could fallover upon firing and knock the second one over causing it to shoot towards the audience.


Always pick up your trash when you are done – after waiting half an hour for it to cool down and any lingering sparks to go out.


Don’t shoot fireworks when it is windy.


Have a fun safe time and keep the reputation of fireworks good so we can all continue to enjoy them. 

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